Start the Fire...How Competitive Is Pacific Life Term?

See for yourself just how good our rates really are!  Got one you want to compare to us send it to us today!  This doesn't even take in to consideration how good some of our underwriting is like our height and weight chart!  We just saved a female client who was 65 years old 5' 5" and 186# 42% on her premiums when she went from Standard on Protective to Super Preferred on Pacific Life Promise Term!  Send us your test case today!                        (All rates are current as of 10-31-2018) 

20 Years - $1,500,000 Age 65, Male, Arizona Preferred


20 & 30 Years - $1,500,000 Age 55, Female, Arizona, Preferred Best


20 & 30 Years - $1,500,000 Age 35, Male, Arizona, Preferred Best


20 & 30 Years - $1,500,000 Age 45, Female, Arizona Preferred